“I have personally listened to Norm’s CD on ‘God’s law of Salvation’ several times. This subject is presented in a thorough way that it is easy to understand and listen to during your devotions, commute or via an IPOD. I also recommend the ‘Introduction to Torah.’ The words “law” and “legalistic” surface often when the Torah, Feasts and Sabbath are mentioned. The proper response to such ideas and thoughts are; ‘Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’ (2 Tim. 2:15). Here are some excellent workman’s tools to show yourself approved unto God.”

                                ―Pastor Bob Hill
                  Renewed Hope Ministries

"Norm Franz is a last days prophet, with a clear, compelling, and inspirational message to the Bride of Christ."

Pastor Eu Hong Song
                         Kulalumpar, Malaysia

"You must read Norm’s book if you want to understand what's going on in our economy and what will happen in the future…and what to do about it."

Sid Roth
           “Its Supernatural” TV program

"I want to thank you for the best education on the money system, banking and finance that I have ever had the pleasure of learning....I have been involved in finance for over 14 years and carry two degrees; one in finance and the other in economics. The education that I paid for in college has been explained better in your seminars and book and at a lot less money.”

                                ―Kevin DeMerrit
                  President, Lear Financial

“Norm Franz brings a unique and need gift to the body of Christ in the area of finances and economics… His urgent message combined with his thoroughness and clarity of presentation makes this book a must read for anyone who wishes to overcome the global economic problems of the last days.”

Warren Schoder
                      Royal Bounty Financial

“Glory to God, we could not stop watching the “Jezebel in the Marketplace” DVD. We are so moved by this, that we are going to start a teaching series very soon on it. God bless your gift to the body!!!”

Pastor Trotter
                       Holy Nation Ministries
                                            Aurora, IL

“I come from a family of real estate developers, bank owners/presidents, and people of great vision as well as Pentecostal and Charismatic ministers on both sides of the family… I ordered the book, opened it yesterday, and literally could not put the book down. I finished this morning and… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this packaging of history, politics, religion, and finance that makes perfect sense to me… I think I will purchase your book as a gift to my grandfather, and my pastor for their own spiritual growth.”

                      ―Jon Oral Nash, MBA
     (Grandson of Rev. Oral Roberts)

"Norm Franz is a prophetic trumpet sounding an alarm. He exposes the hidden deceptions our modern financial system is based upon. Norm's well research material will challenge you to rethink how you understand the world financial system. He is not to be missed!

                                   ―Alan Curry
        Former Australian President
         of the International Christian
               Chamber of Commerce

“My husband, who is not yet a Christian, has watched many of your DVDs on the economy with me.  He retired from FDIC some years ago but was called back to work several months ago to help with the banking crisis. He did not like your DVDs in the beginning.  Now, Norm, he says that you are "brilliant"!”


“Thanks for writing ‘Money & Wealth.’ As a professional writer, I can say with authority that it was well written. I appreciate the fact that almost every assertion you make about what God wants is backed by a Scripture reference.”

Jock Elliott
                         Marketing Consultant
                                    Troy, New York

“As an instructor, Norm Franz demonstrates very well the knowledge and methodologies necessary in meeting adults’ unique education needs. Participants consistently give him high marks for organization, course content, flexibility and openness, and in meeting their objectives in taking the course. As a Program Coordinator, I appreciate his contribution to a successful semester for us, and I look forward to future seminars.”

                             ―Dianna Lawless,
                              Program Director,
                 Colorado State University


“Thanks again Pastor Norm, we have been re-vitalized since meeting you and hearing your CDs and DVDs. We have a fresh view of the Word and the Way as we learn more of our Hebraic roots.”

                            ―Doug and Lila
                            Ontario, Canada

“As a Christian Financial Planner, I was chasing for material wealth. After reading your book, I repented and am structuring my life in accordance to God's laws.”

                                      ―Peter C.
          Certified Financial Planner

Dear Norm,

“A note to express my sincere gratitude to you for the five-part Video DVD series on the “Apocalypse: Charge of the Four Horsemen". The many hours of study to which you have committed and the insights given you provide rich food for very many of us. May Yeshua continue to unfold truths that we so need to receive in these days of severe testing.”

                   ―Michael Fenton-Jones
                    Former President ICCC
      International -- London, England

“I just finished listening to “Elijah and the Sons of the Prophets” today and finally understood and received the double portion anointing at the end of the tape. I know that God has been operating through me in this but I never understood exactly what it was until today. Thank you!”

                                    ―Pastor Darin
                                  Cowboy Church
                              Greeley, Colorado

“What an eye opener. In all ours years of Christianity (70 combined) we have never had so many questions answered. Thank you sooooooo much. We have a lot of friends that would be interested in the next conference.”

                               ―Jim & Nancy G.
                   (Jim is a former banker)

“Your book has firmly and purposefully made its way into my life… And I cannot explain its welcome entrance in any framework except that of divine love and providence…The next thing is to implement the various steps you outline in the book.”

                                       ―Michael A.

“A person who comes into my work shared some of your CD\'s and DVD\'s with me.  I am so moved.  I feel that my eyes have been opened. Thank you for doing the work you do!  You are a true prophet!”

                                           ―Cindi G.

“Thank you for your teaching on “The Difficult Words of Paul”  and have taken 37 pages of notes from the 6 DVDs and also listened to and will take notes on “Spirit and Truth from A Hebraic Perspective,” so believe I have the ready defense of the faith now!”

                                     ―Elizabeth P.
                 Trinidad in the Caribbean

“I bought your resource package and have been feeling like a great thirst is being quenched while listening to them.  Introduction to Torah, in particular, at this moment, is just what I've been seeking to hear…I hear from the Lord so clearly when I listen to Norm’s teachings that I can sense the melding of all of God’s Word in my heart, as the Old and the New become one, and it all flows together into one. My son also has heard from the Lord loud and clear while listening to this teaching and we both came away with the same heart’s desire… Your ministry has brought the most clarity and leading from the Lord that I've found and I thank you for your help.”

                                 Ontario, Canada

“We are listening to your CDs on the fall feasts. We have been so blessed by your Hebraic and end time messagesWe bought a copier and copy your CDs and send them to friends and family all over the place. God bless you and strengthen you as you minister His Word in spirit and truth.”

Mark and Carol A.

Oh my, oh my, OH MY!! These messages have me doing cartwheels all over my apartment (and it's small) Ha! I am always excited to hear your revelations of His Word! But this has been some of the most exciting truth to ever reach these ears and spirit! Thank you Father for allowing me to live in this day and time!!! I am bursting inside and crying on the outside!!

                                             ―Pam T.

“I received your tape on “Restoring the Table of the Lord” and when you prayed at the end of the tape, the curse I received from getting involved in “spiritualism” was finally completely broken after all these years. Thanks so much for the word you preach. It may not tickle the ears, but it sure sets you free!!!”

Mary B.

Why people become partners

“I met Pastor Norm and Deborah at a recent conference.  I appreciated how real and approachable they are as individuals, despite being in ministry leadership.  Thru Pastor Norm's teachings, I am finally getting a "full meal" of the Word of God, with concrete answers to the confusing aspects of Jesus' and the apostles' teachings.  Thank you for your ministry which teaches us the whole counsel of the Word of God, helping us mature in our relationship with our Creator. And thank you for helping us prepare for the end-times events that we might be facing soon.  For all these reasons and more, we are choosing to support and partner with Ascension Ministries.”

                     ―Lannie and Erin H.

“ I want to become a partner because I believe the Lord has led me to this ministry.  Listening to Norm and those involved in  the ministry is like "coming home".  The Lord has been speaking to me for years about the issues that the ministry addresses.  Finding you has been a confirmation that I really have been hearing God's voice.

                                       ―Dianne G.

“ I strongly believe God has anointed this Ministry and Pastor Norm's teachings. In addition the Holy Spirit has planted a desire in my heart to take part in this ministry.

                                     ―Deborah S.

“I became a partner to support the Ministry so that the Truth of God's Word and End Time Prophecies may go forth.”

                            ―Barbara Vickers

“I bought one of Norm's books and I did what he told me to do and I came through the last financial crash unscathed. I'm still following his suggestions both financially and spiritually. Thank you Pastor Norm for listening to God.

                                           ―Scott N.

“At LAST - someone who teaches basic finance from a BIBLE perspective! Understandable and Torah based, I have waited for these teachings all of my life!  I feel that a "veil" of some sort has been lifted from my financial understanding, and I would like to be involved in supporting the ministry and helping the "veils" of others to be lifted too!”

                                      ―Patricia M.

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