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Money & Wealth

An easy-to-read biblical expose' on the problems plaguing the world financial system and how to overcome today's economic crises. It also provides fresh prophetic insight concerning: View Resource

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Financial Crisis

The second round of the financial crisis is about to hit Main Street with crashing retail sales, mammoth unemployment, massive personal and corporate bankruptcies, record setting foreclosures, plunging real estate prices and more...

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Financial Resource Center

Globalism and The
Mystery of Babylon

Scripture teaches that the political, financial and spiritual mysteries of ancient Babylon reemerge in the last days to form a tyrannical world system that enslaves mankind.

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Thanks Norm,

"Glory to God, we could not stop watching the "Jezebel in the Marketplace" DVD. We are so moved by this, that we are going to start a teaching series very soon on this. I will be in touch about a workshop and more materials. God bless your gift to the body!!!."

Pastor Herbert N. Trotter II
Holy Nation Ministries

T. G. I. S.
Thank God it's Shabbat

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God's Plan
of Salvation

"After he brought them out,
he said, "Sirs, what must
I do to be saved?""

- Acts 16:30
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Restoring God's Sabbaths

"But as for you, speak to the sons of Israel, saying, 'You shall surely observe My Sabbaths; for this is a sign
between Me and you..."

- Exodus 31:13 NAS
God's appointed times, especially His Sabbaths, have always served as a sign
that identifies His people and separates them from the secular/pagan world.

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A Prophetic Word

"Next Major Shaking
is at Hand"

A Prophetic Warning from Norm Franz – 09/07/2010
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Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

New Teaching
"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences."
- Proverbs 27:12 NLT
The Word of the Lord for 2011 is "Prepare, Prepare, Prepare". This teaching is a prophetic update on what to expect in 2011 and early 2012 and how to prepare for it. This is based on the prophetic word given to Norm Franz on August 7, 2010

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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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Dear Pastor Norm,

"Thank you so much for all your amazing teachings. You helped us get a strong foundation in the Lord that I don't think we could have gotten any other way."

Carson & Melissa
Wichita, KS

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Welcome to Ascension Ministries

A Torah-based prophetic outreach dedicated to ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a Hebraic perspective

Biblical Response To 
The New World Order Biblical Response To The New World Order

As continued global crises dictate continued global change, the nations are being forced into a draconian New World Order (NWO). Growing awareness of this worldwide transition, and its role in end time prophecy, has birthed a host of proposed responses in the Judeo-Christian community. Everything from civil uprising and armed revolution to complete pacifism and blind obedience has been offered as ecclesiastical retorts to this advancing beast system......... View Resource

Christmas or hanukkah Christmas or Hanukkah?
Unravelling the December Dilemma

The proximity of Christmas and Hanukkah to each other has created what many refer to as the "December Dilemma". This dilemma raises questions such as: Should New Covenant believers in Yeshua (Jesus) observe Christmas or Hanukkah? Or should they mix them together and celebrate what has become known as "Christmukkah"?........View Resource

Preparing the Way of 
the Lord The Ten Commandments of Biblical Prosperity

For too many years the Church has been taught a "give-to-get" prosperity gospel that has not produced the enduring wealth that God's Word promises. As a result, many believers are returning to God's Torah and discovering that loving obedience to His commandments is producing a righteous prosperity that is overtaking them. The Ten Commandments of Biblical Prosperity examines ten of the........View Resource

Preparing the Way of 
the Lord Preparing the Way of the Lord

As we approach the end of the age, God is calling His people to prepare the way of Messiah's return. This preparation focuses on returning to God's Commandments and walking in all His ways. As we return to the Lord in spirit, soul and body, He not only gives us an understanding of the times, He also gives us a true Scriptural knowledge of what to do.......View Resource

Babylon and the UFO Delusion Globalism, Babylon and the UFO Delusion

In "Babylon, Globalism and the UFO Delusion", Norm Franz and L.A. Marzulli team up to bring you a prophetic picture of the last days that will shock and amaze you. Their teachings unravel the UFO/Alien mystery from a biblical perspective that shines a prophetic light on the great tribulation like never before. Together, they unravel the "strong delusion" of the last days and show you how to prepare for the alarming events that accompany this horrific end time phenomenon......View Resource

Introduction to 
ShabbatIntroduction to Shabbat
At Ascension Ministries, our heart is to minister the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah from the Hebraic perspective in which it was given. This is where we discover that Yeshua truly loved the Shabbat and taught us how to faithfully observe it the way God originally intended. Hence, the purpose of our Shabbat Webcast is to provide a balanced arrangement of Messianic liturgy, family blessings, Torah readings, teaching, preaching and prophesying.....View Resource

2012 and Beyond2012 and Beyond
"2012 and Beyond" provides a biblical analysis of the major cataclysmic predictions of the Mayan apocalypse including galactic alignment, solar maxim, polar shifts, asteroid strikes, collision with Planet X, extraterrestrial invasion, collapse of the world's financial system and transition to a New World Order. This prophetic teaching scrutinizes the validity of each prediction from a Biblical perspective and provides a prophetic timetable for comparable end time events revealed in Scripture....View Resource

Feasts of the LordFeasts of the Lord
As a way of making His redemptive plan known to mankind, God has established 'appointed times' of celebration that are to be observed as feasts to the Lord. Even though many refer to these celebrations as Jewish feasts, God specifically says that they are set apart as...Read More

Israel and the Promised LandIsrael & the Promised Land
Although the Greater Promised Land given to Abraham in Genesis 15 stretches all the way to the Euphrates River, God limits Israel's initial possession under Joshua and the Judges to the Promised Land of Canaan, which lies within the greater Promised Land. When God separated the nations (Gen. 10), He identified the land of Canaan as the "land of the Canaanites" which had specific boundaries. It's important to note that the greater Promised Land isn't fully possessed by Israel until...Read More